Winterlopes are Maprun-based night orienteering events that the club runs January - March each year. Each event is 'live' for a week, Monday - Sunday, and you can run any time (after dark of course!). If you use the Maprun app on your smartphone or GPS watch, your results will be uploaded automatically and appear in the league table on the MunroLeagues website. The league combines Winterlope events with the second half of the Fight With the Night (FWTN) series (ie all races after New Year). See Winterlopes 2023 for details.

2024 Events

Courses are live from Monday - Sunday, and should be run after dark. Schedule for 2024 is:


To enter a course, you either need to record your track and upload to the MapRun site manually, or you can use the MapRun6 application (replaces older MapRunF) on your phone. There is also the option to use MapRunG on a smart watch (certainly on Garmin devices) in conjunction with your phone. Full instructions can be found on the SOA website, but in summary:



This functionality requires the FormBuilder module