Rankings and Leagues

For those of a competitive nature, or those who simply want to track their progress, there are plenty of places to go to see various rankings and league results. This page aims to give an overview of the most popular. If you know of any we have missed, or have any missing links, please contact us and we will add them.

Individual Rankings

IOF / Worldwide Rankings

These rankings are for those who have reached the lofty heights of world-ranking competition. There's at least one current club member in there ...

British Orienteering Foundation (BOF) Rankings

BOF (British Orienteering Federation) provides a UK-wide ranking for all its members, based on your best 6 performances at regional and national events over the past 12 months.

If you log in to the site, you will see your current ranking under your name on the left-hand side, and clicking on it takes you to the 25-person section of the rankings that includes you.

Individual Leagues

UK Leagues

These leagues cover events across the whole of the UK, both forest and urban.

Scottish Leagues

There are several leagues covering just Scottish events, making it easier for local club members to make an impact!

Local Leagues

Lastly in the individual category are some more informal local leagues. Many thanks to Ben Brown at Munro Leagues for curating these.

English Regional Leagues

Various leagues around England, as well as some of the other leagues listed here, are on the Oxford Fusion site:

Club Leagues

UK Club Leagues

Scottish Club Leagues


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