Orienteering is all about getting out there in the forest, the park, or on the streets. But that's only possible thanks to our fantastic volunteers who plan and organise events,along with many other jobs that need doing both on the day and in the background. Without our volunteers, no one would be able to orienteer, and we are always looking for the next generation of volunteers! If this sounds like you then contact , or find out more below ...

Benefits of Volunteering

Volunteering can be very rewarding, for many reasons:

Many companies and organisations encourage their employees to volunteer, even giving employees additional days off for volunteering (eg Edinburgh University), or matching hours volunteered with funding for charities (and orienteering clubs, but no obligation of course).

So How Can I Help?

The aim of this page is to outline the different roles involved in running an event, and to provide pointers to resources to help with these roles and expand on what they involve. If anything takes your fancy, get in touch with anyone on the committee. We can explain more about each role, or put you in touch with someone more experienced. Many existing volunteers are very happy to mentor new volunteers so there's no reason not to put a toe in the water and give something back. Start with a local event and see where you end up - it could be you planning or organising the British Championships some day, or you might prefer to stick with the informality of our summer Sprintelopes. It's up to you! Training and mentoring is provided where needed, so don't worry about lack of experience or knowledge.

Volunteer Roles - Overview

Apart from the club committee, most but not all volunteer roles are related to the club's event programme.

Key Event Roles

There are a few key roles for each event that require involvement prior to the event. The British Orienteering Federation (BOF) and / or the Scottish Orienteering Association (SOA) can provide training for all these roles. For a small local event, only 2 or 3 volunteers may be needed, with no requirement for a controller, and with the IT aspects being handled by planner or organiser.

Additional Event Roles

Depending on the size of the event (local, regional or national), some or all of the following roles are required on the day:

Other Key Roles

There are other roles that aren't tied to a specific event, but are vitally important:




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