Software Licences


The Club has several current subscriptions for various Software.  Licence keys and passwords can be supplied on request to individuals.  The software includes:

SiTiming (SPORTident)

This is one of the more important packages.  It enables the processing of data from the SPORTident hardware, including the dibbers which competitors use to record their progress through an orienteering course, to produce the familiar Results layouts.  The current licence expires on 5th April 2026.  The keycode is obtainable on request from the Club Secretary.

Further information on the software is available on the SPORTident website, at URL


The Club's licence is for v10 of the CONDES software, which allows a Planner to design courses on-line.  The current licence began in October 2013.

Routegadget 2

This software enables competitors to overlay a course map with their own route.  The licence is held by the Club, but is fully subsidised by Simon and James Errington.


This is the event entry system of the Swedish O.F.  We have an account on the site, and the login details are available from the Club Secretary.


This is a free application which allows a competitor to measure his/her route distance from a map.



The Club's internet name is registered with this company.  The current registration period is for 10 years, and expires on 8 March 2024.



This functionality requires the FormBuilder module