Child Protection

Interløpers Orienteering Club is fully committed to the SOA child protection policy, and will endeavour to ensure that club members - and those from other clubs - engaged in 'regulated work' with children and other designated vulnerable groups are current members of the PVG Scheme.

A new Club Child Protection Officer (CCPO) was confirmed at the AGM on 22 June 2017 - she is Lucy Galloway.

If you have any concerns regarding child protection, or questions about the PVG scheme, please contact the Club Secretary in the first instance.

The CCPO is an SOA ID checker for the PVG Scheme.

For fuller information on the rôle of the CCPO, here is a Job Description.



Child Protection/PVG – Update Jan 2015

In a recent e-mail from Hilary Quick (SOA Development Officer), she states that the SOA Board have now removed the necessity for PVG Scheme members to “renew” their membership on a periodic basis. However, this does mean that scheme members have to keep the PVG Scheme apprised of any changes in their circumstances, as outlined in the following from Hilary’s e-mail:

“PVG Scheme members must remember to inform Disclosure Scotland when they move house.  Also, when they change club, they must apply for a Scheme Update before they undertake regulated work with their new club.  We also recommend that they should advise Disclosure Scotland that they are no longer working for their old club (otherwise personal information could be sent to that old club’s CPO).  So if a new coach appears in your club, you MUST ensure that they apply for a Scheme Update.



Who needs PVG membership?

Some people are still uncertain as to whether they need to join the PVG Scheme.  Two factors seem to cause particular confusion, so it’s worth stating these clearly:

So, it would appear that this means less input from PVG Scheme members, as long as they are not flitting from club to club or moving house every year!

New members of Interløpers who wish to undertake “regulated work” (coaching etc.) should contact the CCPO for the necessary paperwork.



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