Sep 24, 2023

Loch Vaa SOL Results - Sunday 24th September 2023

Results from our SOL at Loch Vaa are now available ...

Well done to everyone who made it round Mike Stewart's challenging courses today. Loch Vaa is a fantastic area to run in, but those who lost contact with their map will know it can be unforgiving at times. Many thanks to Graham McIntyre (event organiser), Donald Grassie (controller), and to all our many volunteers both on the day, and those who helped set up beforehand.

Results are now available. Please note that these have now been updated to fix the problem with the leg from the final control to the finish. Also, unit 124 was misbehaving so it has been marked optional on all courses that used it.

Planners report from Mike Stewart:

I hope you all enjoyed the technical challenges of what is a true, world class, orienteering area in Scotland. TD5 was true TD5 throughout each course at that standard. twas one of those areas one needs to stay in map contact at all times.

Many thanks to Ronnie and Fiona Grant for their field and help in preparing it for vehicles. Thanks to all who did the actual work of putting on the Event, but especially to Ewart Scott, Graham McIntyre and Donald Grassie who were of particular help to me personally.

Last, but not least, to the plucky youths who allowed me to "persuade" them after their runs to strip the Event out at the end. 



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