Nov 6, 2021

Livingston SOUL 5 Results - Almondvale Park 6th November 2021

Massive thanks to the Iain Embrey and Zoe Harding, who planned such excellent courses, to Bill Stevenson for diligent and wise controlling of the event and to the stoic Interlopers volunteers who braved wind and rain to support the event! Great job by all.

Revised results (with classes) are here....  Revised Results

Routegadget here

Great area in Livingston for the SOUL event today - lots of intricate navigation and quick thinking required! Apologies to those who found a couple of problems with the map - we are updating the results as follows to take account of this:

Course 2 leg 3-4 had a new fence across the west side of the open area between the controls, only put up in the past fortnight! Separately, there was a passageway marked open that was in fact closed affecting courses 1-4 (1: leg 13-14, 2: 12-13, 3: 8-9, 4: 7-8)





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