Jun 4, 2023

Dechmont Law SoSOL Results - Sunday 4th June 2023

Results from our Dechmont Law SoSOL are now available ...

Results available:

Planner's report:

Much like the fabled summer of 76, the sun shone and shone. What a day out at Dechmont for those who could make it. Too early yet for a Minister for drought, but I can tell you that within a week of Dennis's appointment in 76, it rained for the next two years. The most successful minister in British history. 

Conditions were therefore firm and favourable in the enclosures. No chance of a drink out the burn halfway round. STAG turned up in herds from the West. I personally had my deckchair unfolded and Factor 50 with me, though it never got out of my glove compartment. A lot of people did a lot of putting out and collecting, so thanks to you all. Dave Kershaw did the stoic controllers bit of checking everything. Good on you. I wouldn't have got round them all. 

Nobody threw any tantrums (or worse) at me, so the courses must have been OK. 

I'm finished, car pitched, beer o clock in Morningside.

Mike Stewart, Planner




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