Oct 23, 2021

Interlopers at the Compass Sport Trophy final

An intrepid team of Interlopers headed south (or north in some cases!) to Sheffield last weekend to see if they could improve on their third place from 2019. Find out how they got on ...

Last weekend the crack Interlopers team converged on Sheffield (Tankersley to be precise) for the postponed 2020 Compass Sport Trophy Final. Most headed south from Edinburgh (some via Carlisle for the Saturday urban race there), with others arriving from Spain via Manchester airport, or even the wilds(?) of East Anglia - 20 club members in all with 13 needing to count, and with 3 not counting in the Open Men, and 1 in M40+, M50+ and W45+ (max 2 counting per class), there wasn't much room for error! After running in 4th place for most of the competition, just behind Moravian, with EPOC and SROC a little further ahead, our last 2 runners (Colin and Paul) just edged us ahead of Moravian to finish in 3rd place again.  Well done to all our runners (counting scores in bold)

  • 1 Men Open (Brown): Alex Carcas (2nd), James Ackland (3rd), Ali Masson (5th), William Rigg (7th), Matthew Leitch (10th)
  • 2 M40+ / M20-(short brown): Paul Caban (8th), William Ivory (9th), Max Carcas (15th)
  • 4 M50+ (blue): Rob Lee (2nd), Colin Eades (3rd), Graeme Ackland (8th)
  • 5 W45+ / W20- (green): Ann Haley (4th), Lorna Eades (6th), Rachel Kirkland (9th)
  • 6 M60+ (green): Rob Bloor (3rd), Graham McIntyre (10th)
  • 7 M70+ W60+ (short green): Pat Squire (11th), Morag McIntyre (rtd)
  • 8B W18- (short green): Fiona Eades (2nd), Pippa Carcas (5th)

Next year's qualifier and final will both be hosted by FVO, so rather closer to home. Let's hope we can improve on this year's position!

Interlopers Team (missing a few early departures!):





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