Jan 27, 2024

Braids Winterlope - Mon 12th - Sun 18th February

Second Winterlope of 2024, on Braids Hill, between Monday 12th and Sunday 18th February ...

The 2nd Winterlope of 2024 is at Braids Hill, on and around the Braid Hills golf course

Typical golf course terrain - short grass, slightly longer grass, and plenty of trees and bunkers and of course gorse!

Thanks to Bex Harding for planning, and to Katherine Ivory for looking after the Maprun / SOA website uploads.


NB: please note that the recent landscaping work around the start is not shown on the maps. Paths should be as on the map, but vegetation may vary from that shown. Also, the MapRun calibaration hasn't been checked on the ground, so if any control doesn't ping, just keep going.

Maps are now available to download from the SOA website using the links below - courses should be run, after dark only, any time between 12th - 18th Feb inclusive.



You can also navigate to these in the Maprun App via select event / UK / Scotland / Edinburgh / FWTN & Winterlope / 2024.


Start location: off Braid Hills Road nearly opposite the top of the Lang Linn Path (100m east)

Parking is generally available along Braid Hills Road, though be careful in the dark, and there is a layby just east of where the track to the start leaves the road.

See Winterlope page for instructions on how to use MapRun to record your course (or for manual upload if you can't use the MapRun app on phone or watch).

Other events in series

See Winterlope news item for details of other events in the series!




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