Local Event Dechmont Law Saturday 8th May 2021

Local event at Dechmont Law.

Welcome to our second 'real' event of the year, at Dechmont Law in Livingston. It's a mixture of woodland and open parkland, and we have four courses on offer. As this event is being run under COVID restrictions, please read the information here, and the information in the final details that will be sent to you, very carefully. At the time of writing, the event is open to anyone, whether or not they are a member of an orienteering club, and whichever council area they live in within Scotland.

Please note that you must have pre-registered (and paid).  There will be NO ENTRY ON THE DAY, and entries are now closed.

There will be no loose control descriptions due to Covid risk mitigation. So please take along your own copy!

Final Information

Final DetailsStart List and Control Descriptions

Directions, Start and Finish

From the M8 come off at junction 3 at Livingston. Get to the A89 and head West. After 2 km turn left onto Deans
Road, then left again onto Royston Road. Drive to the end then follow the directions of the parking marshall.
NT023697, EH54 8AH. Parking in Walker Group Business Unit & parking & adjacent units

(see Final Details for map!)


Parkland and open woodland.


Planned to Sports Governing Body standards

  • Yellow (1.7km) – for beginners (on paths, with 1 or 2 decision points per leg).
  • Orange (2.4km) – suitable for beginners and improvers (more decision points).
  • Green (4.0km) – suitable for adult intermediate and experienced orienteers.
  • Blue (5.7km) - suitable for experienced orienteers

Registration, Start and Finish

All entrants must have pre-registered before. You will be sent final details and a list of start times prior to the event. Please only turn up when you are due to start, and once finished, please download quickly(and socially distanced!) and then leave the area. There will be no splits printouts, and no results available at the event. We aim to have the results available online on the evening of the event, and to put the courses up on RouteGadget.

Starts will be between 11:00am and 1:30pm

There will be no entries on the day.  Please read our COVID information carefully.

Everyone must report to the finish and proceed to Download, whether they finish their courses or not, otherwise they might trigger a search party and call to the emergency services.

Courses close 3:00 pm, at which time controls will be taken in.

Entry and Entry Fees

  • Seniors: £6 (SOA/BOF-affiliated club members) / £8 (non-members)
  • Juniors: £3 (SOA/BOF-affiliated club members) / £4 (non-members)

Entries are now closed (no Entry on the Day due to COVID restrictions).

Electronic Timing 

SportIdent (SI) electronic timing will be used, with SI Air enabled.  If you have your own SI dibber, please bring it.  Otherwise SI dibbers can be hired free of charge, but with £30 charge if lost.  This must have been requested when booking your place for the event.

Further information

For further information on orienteering and the club, see the rest of our website. 

If you still have a question, e-mail:

Public Liability Insurance

You are only covered by our public liability insurance if you have joined an orienteering club or are competing in one of your first 3 events.  If you would like to join Interlopers orienteering club (we cover Edinburgh and Lothians) please contact us via our web site / membership tab or at the event.  The event entry fees are lower if you are a club member.


When entering our orienteering events and activities, your name may appear in the results section of the club website.  We do not share your data with any other organisations, other than the sport’s governing bodies for administrative purposes.  We do not use it for any marketing purposes. By entering the event you are accepting this condition.

Safety Notice

Participants take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety during the event. By entering the event you are accepting this condition. 

Parents/guardians should explain all safety aspects to all children and vulnerable persons in their care and if you are in any doubt about their ability to stay safe only allow them to participate with a carer.

A risk assessment has been carried out by the organiser. Please note:

(1) Vehicles use the roads and will not be expecting you, so you must watch out for vehicles, give way and follow the Highway Code. Blue course participants should use the pelican crossing to cross the road through the middle of the area (near the castle) – ‘time out’ controls will also be used in this location. Also take care around the parking areas.

(2) Beware that other people, dog walkers and cyclists use the area and may not expect you, so take extra care to avoid surprise or collision (give way, slow down, go wide, make a polite warning noise, etc). Take special care near dogs (go wide, or stand still/don’t wave arms, wait for owner).

(3) You are required to abide by the Scottish Outdoor Access Code (see and if necessary give way or stop running temporarily for safety reasons.  It is important that everyone acts responsibly. After all, it is only training.

(4) The area includes cliffs/crags, steep/slippery slopes, old walls/fences, trip hazards, litter (including broken glass, old metal, wire, etc), so wear appropriate clothes to protect you and shoes with grip. Also slow down and take extra care.

(5) If you have an existing medical condition that may be a risk, please write down the necessary details, emergency contact details and advice on what to do in an emergency, then place it in a sealed envelope with your name on the front, plus “only to be opened in an emergency”, and hand it in to the Registration team.

(6) Excessive litter and dog dirt in the area increases the risk of germs, so employ good hygiene immediately after running (wash hands, use alcohol gel, etc).

(7) Watch out for stranger dangers; if you meet a stranger or suspicious person or get approached/asked questions, take a wide berth, don’t stop, say sorry I’m in a hurry or similar and report it to registration/download.



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