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Junior Training

Junior training is organised with other clubs in the East Scotland Orienteering Association (ESOC, ELO, RR, KFO and TAY) and happens roughly once a month on a Saturday afternoon. If you or your parents have given us an email address, you should be getting regular updates and reminders about these.The next event is:

Sat 9th March 1-2pm at Royal High School, then CATI at Corstorphine

There is no specific fitness training for juniors. Let me know if you think one, such as a hillrep session, should be set up. You might want to think about joining an athletics club, but it goes without saying that orienteering races are way better than track or cross-country!

There is an excellent intervals session at the Meadows on Tuesday evenings, starting at 7.55pm. There are often a few Interloper juniors and adults there, although it's open to anyone.

For older juniors (approximately M/W 14 upwards) there are more advanced training options. SCOTJOS (Scottish Junior O Squad) selects people based on their performances in the main Scottish events (Scottish O League, Scottish Champs and this year, Scottish 6 Days) and they have a number of training weekends and an alternate year tour . There are also British junior camps, again with quite tough selection, such as obtaining championship standard in one or more of the main British events. We have some very successful juniors in this respect at the moment.

Junior Events

There are a few key events to look out for, where we really need you to come along and represent the club:

JK, British and Scottish relays. The age categories for making up teams for these are all different, so check out each event and talk to your friends to get teams together.

Jamie Stevenson Trophy. Happens towards the end of June each year. We need as many runners as possible if Interlopers is to hold its own against some of the bigger clubs!

Junior Inter- area weekend. Usually happens in the autumn. Our juniors compete as part of the east team  (clubs involved are the same as for junior training). There is a relay on the Saturday, a night away, and an individual race (often one of the Scottish O League events) on the Sunday.

School Events

Finally, don't forget the Scottish Schools Orienteering Festival, which happens on a weekday in early June. Ideally, you need to get teams of three (boys or girls; not mixed) from your year at school to aim for the team trophy. You will have to plan ahead to recruit and train up some friends, and get permission from your school for a day off!

Then there is the World Schools Orienteering Championships, held alternate years, and definitely worth aiming for, for a sunny week away. Two Interlopers are heading to Portugal this summer.

Jane Ackland



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