Interløpers Orienteering Club - Edinburgh


Autumn Local Event 2

The next Interløpers event will be at Mortonhall, Edinburgh on Saturday December 10th;  map of event location

Registration will open at 13:00ish, with starts from 13:30 until 14:30, and courses closing at 15:30.

Entry fees:  non-BOF members £5 Senior, £2.50 Junior (under 21) - BOF members £3/£2

There'll be four courses, the first three of which stay entirely within the estate:

White - 1.2km - and suitable for families/junior beginners;

Yellow - 1.5km - a little harder, but still suitable for families/junior beginners;

Orange - 2.5km - a little harder still, and suitable for adult beginners and experienced juniors;

Orange + Urban Sprint - 4.6km - harder still, but not too hard, and the urban element is entirely within a recently-mapped and never-before-used area of housing.

We will be using SI (electronic) timing and punching throughout.

Please note that the Urban Sprint is not available for unaccompanied juniors who have not reached their sixteenth birthday due to our sport's insurance rules.  Despite the mixture of terrains, trail shoes are the most appropriate footwear.

Remember, orienteering is an outdoor adventure sport, so please dress appropriately for the weather, and take all necessary care.

Afterwards? - The campsite shop will be open for sweets and snacks.  There's a coffee-shop at the Klondyke Garden Centre, and the Stable Bar may be open for something a little stronger .....



The December issue of the SOA Magazine "Score" has been uploaded to this website.  It may been accessed at this link (beware:  it is rather large (12MB), so may take some time to display).


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